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I implore you to read the entirety of my website before submitting a date request.  If you have a question you are sure is not answered here, please feel free to contact me.  If your question pertains to whether I am willing or able to accommodate a specific wish or activity during our time together, please indicate it on my reservation form.  



My ideal Date 

All my suitors are unique and different as anyone else on this earth. My service is based on mutual respect, good vibes, energy. I usually go with the flow and I think it makes the best experience for both. 

I treat all my guests with consideration, discretion and courtesy, so this is the number one thing I would expect from you . I am very attracted to men who are, polite, easy-going, intelligent with a sense of humour, and needless to mention with great hygiene. If you recognize yourself in those qualities, then I would love to meet you.


Safety is my highest priority and I will not entertain gentlemen who do not respect this. While I offer a really good experience, I have certain limits to help me feel physically safe and mentally comfortable. This is usually non-issues, as my suitors that see me share the same perspective.

Booking  & Cancellation Policy


A 50% deposit is required for all Appointments.

The calendar will be tentatively reserved until you have sent the security deposit. So please be prepared and understand this step so there isn’t any disappointment


In the unlikely event that I must cancel, your deposit will be refunded in full or applied to our rescheduled date. 


** Please don’t try to negotiate the donation, ask for discount or “ special “ of any type . In such case , I unfortunately will have to decline the meeting. However, the donation applies based on the time you booked.




To ensure the confidential handling of your information, I manage all email correspondence, verification, and scheduling personally.  Due to the large number of inquiries I receive, please allow up to 24 hours for a response.  I do not respond to one-line emails or “babe “, “ hey “ “ location” “ rate “type of message so if that is the best you can muster, please save us both the trouble and look elsewhere.

Mutual safety & discretion are vital to our experience therefore I do not meet anyone anonymously. That being said, the information you share with me is kept confidential and deleted after verification.


If you cannot trust me with your personal info, I cannot trust you with my personal safety.

Discretion disclaimer
  • Video recording, filming, or picture taking of me is not tolerated whatsoever.

  • Everything we share with each-other including personal contact information, private conversations, and intimate interactions must be kept between ourselves. 

  • This includes a strict no review policy

I am a mature, sophisticated, warm, quite candid and romantic woman who likes to let things happen naturally and not rush.

I prefer to start with a glass of bubbly or cocktails as we ease into you having the absolute best experience.

Let's give ourselves over to the pleasures of life. I would adore being by your side on your perfect evening, whether that's an indulgent meal and then off the symphony, or a cozy night in snuggled up by the fireside sipping champagne & Massage 

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