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About me 

Originally from Montreal I have an unforgettable French accent that has a way of enchanting hearts. I have an open mind and am a great listener, always eager to connect with new people. I love to engage with ambitious individuals in deep conversations as they stimulate me. Naturally caring, my presence will immediately put you at ease. I have a playful side that loves to bring laughter to those around me, ensuring our time together is filled with moments of joy and amusement. I'm also known for my generosity, always ready to extend a helping hand and make those around me feel truly valued.

A part of who I am is deeply romantic, and I absolutely adore setting the date for unforgettable moments. Imagine this: soft candlelight casting an enchanting glow, the sweet serenade of carefully selected music filling the air, and my hands providing a warm massage. By the way, I'm a certified massage therapist, and I always keep coconut oil on hand. It's my way of creating a sensual, elegant atmosphere that elevates our time together to something truly magical.


Exploring the culinary world is one of my great passions, and I've found that sharing a meal with someone can be an incredibly intimate and enjoyable experience. If you ever find yourself intrigued by the idea of indulging in a memorable dinner together. 


As for me, the perfect date is one where I can fully immerse myself in relaxation and pampering. I adore the idea of a spa date, where we can escape the chaos of the world and immerse ourselves in tranquility. One of my biggest dreams is to establish a center with indoor and outdoor baths in a natural, Nordic, or Scandinavian setting.


At a Glance 




French Canadian










Travel is a passion that courses through my veins. I've traveled the globe, savoring the thrill of new experiences, and I'm always ready for the next thrilling escapade. The allure of unraveling exotic cultures and their enticing traditions sets my heart ablaze. Prehaps soon, my desire for adventure will bring me to a city near you. 


My body is a temple. I believe in keeping both body and spirit in perfect harmony through an active lifestyle. Staying active isn't just a hobby; it's a way of life for me. It elevates my energy levels and keeps my positivity flowing. I have a profound love for nature, and you'll often find me exploring the great outdoors through activities like hiking, Pilates, dancing, meditation, and martial arts. Want to join me on an adventure?

''Rose is very prompt and responsive which is always appreciated. She is very engaging and personable and we chatted as if we had known each other for a long time. Rose is lovely both inside and out. I would highly recommend her.'
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